10-11 October 2020
We had a great weekend as both Splien and Sting passed the Verbandsprüfung nach dem Schuss (VPS). These test over two days includes all kind of tests (hunting situations) required of the allround gundog. Tests in woodland, in open areas and in water.
Splien had the amazing result of a 1st price with 193 points. Sting did a great performance in the woods and in water what gave him judges choice. He wasn't so experienced in blood tracking so no full points there. He was awarded 2nd price with 184 points!

19 September 2020
Sting gave me the best birthday present ever! He was one of the 2 out of 70 dogs who passed the SJP A certificate of the KJV. He is the youngest and second IWS ever to pass the A certificate. After the tests for C (heelwork, recall, retrieve on land, retrieve from water) and B (long mark crow, lost retrieve in woods rabbit, blind over water duck) there were 27 dogs left for the A tests. First part of the A test is two long blinds (about 120 and 150 yards) of pigeons in a narrow angle. Here we lost 24 dogs because of picking wrong bird, refusal of two casts, not immediately stop on whistle etc.
Three dogs were asked for the last test: sending dogs towards start of 350 yards goose track. As soon dogs are on track you are not allowed to handle anymore. Judges are places along the track. Sting wasn't used to that and was a bit hesitant after a long day but I was so happy when he returned in my eyesight with this goose.
Love this boy!

6 September 2020
The IWSVN held their Championship Clubshow in Assen and we had all dogs entered. There was a good entry of 30 dogs.
Happy and proud with the results:
Torann (Green Socks Flying Dutchman): 1st Excellent, best veteran, best coat and best dog with spaniel FT award
Sting (Green Socks Shine Like a Star): 1st Excellent reserve best male RCAC, best working dog, best dog with KJV B certificate
Phoebe (Fynder Rock on Ruby): 1st Excellent reserve best bitch RCAC
Splien (Green Socks Good Thing Going): 1st Excellent and shortlisted for best coat
Missy (Green Socks Ready For Take Off): 1st Excellent
Sting and Phoebe: best brace
Phoebe: best progency
Torann, Missy, Splien and Sting: best breedersgroup
29 August 2020
Sting had his first KJV cold game test after a long break of trials and workingtest because of Covid. We did well on the C and B parts and we gave the A test a first try. He failed because of the strong wind but happy how he performed.

3 May 2020
Due to the cancellation of this years US Specialty, Jeremy and Kim Kezer (the hosts of this event) thought it was a good idea to organize a virtual Specialty. Our dogs competed in almost all the events and had a lot of fun while practising for the final take.

Sting performing in the WCX test:

Phoebe performing in the WCX test:

Torann competing in Rally:

Phoebe doing her obedience practice:

Sting scenting his way to his goal:

15 March 2020
The Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club have awarded us the Annual Trophies as follows:
The Hiberna trophy for Top Dog of the year - Green Socks Shine like A Star
The Trevor Bailey Trophy for the Top Bitch of the year - Green Socks Good Thing Going (handled by Dagmar Lukas)
The Breeder's Trophy - 2 pewter goblets for most points

22 February 2020
We visited the lovely puppies of Silver and Sting. They were 6 weeks and a bit and started to explore the world!

19 February 2020
A very happy third birthday to the Reggae litter, Hazel, Nelly, Noor, Splien, Finna, Rock, Theo, Ziggy and Sting!

8 January 2020
Sting became the proud dad of a litter of 8 puppies. The dam is Dutch Ch. Weemaes Geese A Laying (Silver).
For more information or enquiries please contact the breeder Clara Hamers (duwuna@online.nl)

1 January 2020
Hope you all have a great 2020!